Love Is An Adventure Worth Documenting

Miami Wedding photographer

Photographs capture life’s rare special moments.  When you look back at your wedding photos, you want to feel the joy of this day all over again, like it was yesterday, and that’s exactly what I do. I take a step back to observe carefully and capture all of the love, emotion and unique details of your wedding.  

When the day is done and the images have been collected, they will tell a story that is uniquely yours. I want this story to mean as much to you 30 years after your wedding day as it does on the day itself. The images will act as an archive and a visual catalyst that take you back to the day you and your love said two, very special words to each other, “I do.”

By focusing on the photographer-client relationship, you will receive a hands-on, exclusive experience.  It’s through this partnership that I am able to make something different, and take a concept further than where you thought it could go. While I wish to work with everyone, to stay true to the art I am only able to take a limited number of commissions each year.  You are not just a number and you shouldn’t be treated like one.

Reasons to Choose My Services

Boutique Experience

I will provide a unique, hands-on, and personalized experience for your boutique photographs, making you feel comfortable and at ease and throughout your photo shoot.  I pride myself on delivering fine art photography by creating beautiful artwork within each one of your photographs, turning your ideas and dreams into reality.  When it comes to choosing a location for the photo shoot, there are no location boundaries to capture the overall look and essence you wish to achieve.

Unlimited Possibilities

If your dream is to have a destination wedding, you can count on me accommodate your wishes, whether it’s the mountains of Colorado, the whitewashed Mediterranean village of Santorini, or at the lush Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens in Saint Lucia.  As a fine art destination wedding and boutique photographer, I can follow you anywhere your heart desires to capture the moments that happen only once in a lifetime.  

Trusted Advisor

When it comes to your wedding, there are so many sources of information, that sometimes the experience can become overwhelming. With our expertise, we are not only your photographer, but your partner on the journey to your wedding day. When needed, we will help guide you, using our knowledge and experience, to help ensure that every aspect of your day reflects your dreams and desires.