Gama de Aponte | South Florida Wedding Photography

If you missed Sara & Jean's engagement session you can check it out here. It was the first step in capturing their relationship: dynamic, playful, and passionate.

Wedding photography is as varied as the couples it captures. The ceremony and reception spaces tend to vary with the interests, beliefs, or style of the couples as well, and some are definitely more photographic than others. Sara and Jean chose two of the most beautiful places in South Florida: The Church of the Little Flower and The Biltmore Hotel.

Sara and Jean shared with me that they wanted to start their marriage in The Church, with solid faith and support to guide them together. The Church of the Little Flower is a Spanish Renaissance style cathedral in the heart of Coral Gables and has been part of the community for over 90 years. With a large classical domed ceiling, a traditional cross layout, and a beautifully ornate sanctuary, I was in awe - it's the kind of place that makes you feel part of something far bigger than yourself. Everyone who witnessed the ceremony can agree that sharing those moments with Sara and Jean was a powerful experience.

For the reception, Sara and Jean decided to shock everyone with a non-traditional party in a very classic location. The Biltmore is another Coral Gables gem; in fact, it is a registered National Historic Landmark. Its 1920s charm, Mediterranean Revival architecture, and iconic Giralda Tower guided the elegance and extravagance of the evening. The royal tables seating 24 and the 8-foot high palm and orchid centerpieces were draped in shimmery gold and covered in pink and white florals. Similarly adorned was the sweetheart table in front of the grand fireplace and facing the dancefloor so the couple wouldn't miss a thing. Dramatic orange and pink uplighting and spotlights accented the intricately detailed ceiling and turned the hall into a magically Miami, totally tropical, creamsicle dream of a palace. 

After dinner, guests were shocked by "La Hora Loca," or "The Crazy Hour" - an hour long dance party of epic proportions! There were confetti-cannons firing, a 12-foot tall light-up robot with a CO2 gun, club strobe light effects, and masquerade party accessories for all of the guests. The floor was packed all night and everyone got a little loca. 

Sara and Jean made their exit down a column lined terrace with sparklers, a magical send-off for a magical Miami evening. 

Wedding Team: 

Wedding Planner:  
Soco Alicea
(305) 987-4969

The Biltmore Hotel
Vanessa Then
 (305) 445-8066

Flower Designer: 
Rodri Studio
Angel Rodriguez
(305) 333-6581

Music & DJ: 
Sarz Entertainment
Michael Sarysz
(954) 445-4498

Rentals & Decor: 
Atlas Event Rentals
Danielle Blank
(305) 803 - 6732

Elements & Accents

Cake & Dessert: 
ET Cakes
Isabel Trujillo
(305) 556-6111

Hair & Makeup: 
Marz Makeup & Hair
(305) 266-MARZ

The Photobooth Bros
(754) 422-5299

Freddy Villar
(305) 244-6627

Biscayne Bay Engagement | South Florida Wedding Photographer

Engagement sessions are an amazing opportunity for a couple to get to work with their photographer, deepen the rapport, and get get a feel for the way they work. It is also an amazing time for the photographer to dive into a little bit about what makes a couple tick. 

I have always felt that an engagement session accomplishes something vastly different than the portraits on a wedding day. An engagement session is there to really demonstrate the amazing ways that a couple interacts with each other and their personalities. For this amazing couple being out on Biscayne Bay and and enjoying the wonderful weather and beautiful scenery that Florida provides is one of their favorite pastimes. It went without saying that we would be incorporating that into their engagement session. 

Working outside in Florida is always an adventure, and its the best thing that when all is said and done you have some amazing stories to laugh about to go with your beautiful photos. 

Hodge Engagement | South Florida Wedding Photographer

There is one thing (among many) that I have learned as a photographer, and that is when you meet with a client and they wax poetically about a location, you do everything in your power to make that the location for your photo shoot! With Melissa and Billy, it was incredibly clear from our first meeting that she was completely in love with the Boca Resort. How in love? Make a 2 hour mix tape off the radio in 1994 in love! When she began to describe a few of the locales around the property you could see her eyes sparkle as she sighed with the romance she envisioned being captured. 

So where did we go to shoot their engagement session, The Boca Raton Resort! It was not a difficult decision, this is one of my absolute favorite places in all of South Florida to create portraits for my couples. The Mediterranean inspired architecture and the design details that were popular in the 1920s when the property was first constructed by Addison Mizner add so much texture and character to images taken there. 

With their engagement shoot I set about making this about them, not the fact that they are engaged, but how in love with each other they are. They have such an interesting dynamic, If their love was a flame I feel it would be a low, but very intensely burning flame. The kind that doesn't have the huge flames, but throws an incredible amount of heat. There is also a tenderness there, and to watch Melissa melt when she looks into Billy's eyes is a gift all its own.  

I hope you enjoy the beautiful images we created for Melissa & Billy to celebrate their engagement!

Simeone | South Florida Wedding Photographer

Normally when I go to write the forward to an engagement session I have only had a few months to really get to know a couple, but that is not the case here. I have known Janis and Brandon from the time they started dating, roughly 12 years ago when they both were just starting college, and have been two my sister's closest and fiercest friends ever since. 

I think being able to reflect back on the amazing journey Janis and Brandon have been on is amazing. Through trials and tribulations, both good times and bad they have been able to support each other amazingly well. It has been very re-assuring for me on a personal level, knowing that they have been the best of friends to my younger sister, Brandon's easy going humor and Janis's fiery passion have been prominent features for most of my adult life. 

It was entirely unexpected then that we would work together for their engagement and upcoming wedding when I found out that they go engaged, and when it came to planning the session I immediately knew one thing would be very prominent: The Miami Dolphins. For anyone who knows Brandon, you know you just laughed. For those who do not know him, if there is a bigger Miami Dolphins fan out there, I will need to see it to believe it. While it may have been unexpected, it remains one of the biggest honors to help create some amazing images, and beautiful memories for them. Something like is one of Brandon's biggest dreams as such a huge fan of the team. 

It didn't hit me that we were shooting in the Miami Dolphins stadium until we were standing in the locker room planning our shots and looking at the giant Dolphins logo on the locker room floor.

When we set out to plan the session we didn't know exactly how The Dolphins would be incorporated, whether it was a few shots in a Jersey, or something in the background. After a meeting, a bunch of phone calls and a few emails, Brandon was able to get us access to the Hard Rock Stadium on an off day while they were finalizing the renovations of the club suites. This was more than I had thought possible, not only were we getting access to shoot in the stadium, but we had access to the locker room, stands, field, as well as a few of the lounges throughout the stadium. It didn't hit me that we were shooting in the Miami Dolphins stadium until we were standing in the locker room planning our shots and looking at the giant Dolphins logo on the locker room floor. 

It was such an honor to be able to make some really unique photos for these two, I hope you enjoy them!