Biscayne Bay Engagement | South Florida Wedding Photographer

Engagement sessions are an amazing opportunity for a couple to get to work with their photographer, deepen the rapport, and get get a feel for the way they work. It is also an amazing time for the photographer to dive into a little bit about what makes a couple tick. 

I have always felt that an engagement session accomplishes something vastly different than the portraits on a wedding day. An engagement session is there to really demonstrate the amazing ways that a couple interacts with each other and their personalities. For this amazing couple being out on Biscayne Bay and and enjoying the wonderful weather and beautiful scenery that Florida provides is one of their favorite pastimes. It went without saying that we would be incorporating that into their engagement session. 

Working outside in Florida is always an adventure, and its the best thing that when all is said and done you have some amazing stories to laugh about to go with your beautiful photos.