The Relationship with your Photographer

So I figured i would change things up on the blog a little bit, I'm sure everyone likes the blog posts of photo shoots, engagement sessions and weddings, but I think a little more variation is needed! I know I talk about relationship being my priority, and I understand how some might think I am just paying lip service to the concept, but the reality couldn't be further from the truth. Most people don't get to see the day to day things that we have going on, so I will definitely be including more things here as well as doing more Facebook Live videos. If you haven't had a chance to stop by the Facebook page recently, go check out some of the Live video we did from Janis & Brandon's recent engagement session at the Hard Rock Stadium. 

This Saturday we scouted the Boca Raton Resort with one of our clients for their engagement session this weekend. With our first steps through the resort I could tell she was unsure of what we would do, she had recently had an experience with someone else that had made her wary, being hesitant on stating what her absolute "must haves" were. As we progressed I could tell she was getting a bit more excited as we discussed the possibilities, where we could place her and her fiance for maximum visual impact. It wasn't until I sat on this very old looking ornate bench and almost fell through that we all started laughing and all of the reservations we had fled and we all threw ourselves into the planning.

For those who have never had the pleasure of visiting the Boca Raton Resort, it is a must see. The architectural elements are stunning, and as with any Waldorf Astoria property, the amenities and service is absolutely wonderful. Visiting this hotel, like going to The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, or the Flagler Museum,  is a blending of historic Florida elegance and modern luxury.

One of the beautiful locations for our upcoming engagement session at The Boca Raton Resort

One of the beautiful locations for our upcoming engagement session at The Boca Raton Resort

As we progressed I could see her smile growing, and her excitement growing to the point that towards the end she was so excited you could literally see her buzzing with excitement as she was able to visualize what her photos were going to look like. Bringing her along and making her a part of the planning is a crucial step for me, shes not just a subject of the photos, but a partner in creating beautiful art that just so happens to feature her and her fiance. 

On Sunday night I had the pleasure of joining another client, Sara, at her bridal shower in downtown Miami, and on my long drive home it still amazed me how much I cherish these relationships. I talk about it all the time, its right up there with printing, and I am sure some think I am starting to sound like a broken record. 

As we progressed through the shower, chatting with the women in the Bride and Groom's families to watching the bride open some of her fantastic presents, and watching her laugh and almost cry from the joy of being surrounded by loved ones was such a joy. As with any relationship it takes both sides to put in that effort, and the relationship between a photographer and their client is no different. 

As I was leaving Sara's bridal shower, after saying our goodbye's to her family, she gave me the biggest hug and the most heartfelt thank you. I am a photographer because this is one of the things I love the most, and being able to have such an awesome relationship and provide value and meaning to someone else is what keeps me going when things get tough. I love and cherish my amazing clients, and when they return that it makes it all worth it!

I cannot wait until I can share more of what is going on, this was just a little insight into a few of the things going on, and a little bit of an introduction to how our relationship philosophy is translated into actions. 

I hope everyone has an amazing week!