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October 25, 2017
in Engagement-Session

There is one thing (among many) that I have learned as a photographer, and that is when you meet with a client and they wax poetically about a location, you do everything in your power to make that the location for your photo shoot! With Melissa and Billy, it was incredibly clear from our first meeting that she was completely in love with the Boca Resort. How in love? Make a 2 hour mix tape off the radio in 1994 in love! When she began to describe a few of the locales around the property you could see her eyes sparkle as she sighed with the romance she envisioned being captured.

So where did we go to shoot their engagement session, The Boca Raton Resort! It was not a difficult decision, this is one of my absolute favorite places in all of South Florida to create portraits for my couples. The Mediterranean inspired architecture and the design details that were popular in the 1920s when the property was first constructed by Addison Mizner add so much texture and character to images taken there.

With their engagement shoot I set about making this about them, not the fact that they are engaged, but how in love with each other they are. They have such an interesting dynamic, If their love was a flame I feel it would be a low, but very intensely burning flame. The kind that doesn’t have the huge flames, but throws an incredible amount of heat. There is also a tenderness there, and to watch Melissa melt when she looks into Billy’s eyes is a gift all its own.

I hope you enjoy the beautiful images we created for Melissa & Billy to celebrate their engagement!